Narges Assarzadegan – A workshop on a manuscript from 13th century


... cutting and pasting puzzles and tiling


Here you can open the manuscript!

And here is the PDF-version for you!

Photos taken during the workshop

Narges Assarzadegan

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·  Persische Mittags-Anzeiger (noon marker) :: ta-dip

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Persische Mittagsanzeiger, noon marker, Reinhold Kriegler, Iran, Mohammad Bagheri, Narges Assarzadegan, www.ta-dip.de, Isfahan.


·  Dividing and Composing the Squares - Über ta-dip

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Dividing and Composing the Squares. Narges Assarzadegan. Chahar bagh khajou Street. Mirza karim, Mohammad Hasan Hedayat. Postal Code 81537- t74491.




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2. Aug. 2011 ... Zu den Sonnenlichtfotos: Ich hatte diese Bilder auch der Narges Assarzadegan aus Isfahan geschickt. Sie hat einige davon für längere Zeit in ...


und auf

Paul Speiser und der Deggendorfer Kunstverein




Dear Reinhold
1984 is the date that Mr. Maher-al-Naghsh wrote his book on tiling.
His family were artists and he wrote some books which illustrates some models and patterns for construct tiling and tesselated floor. His family name means someone who is skilled on tiling.


نرگس عصارزادگان


In this workshop (based on the manuscript) I asked people to make some puzzles and reconstruct some tilings only with a ruler and a compass.
That manuscript was reprinted in Iran and I used it. The original is in Paris.

Please have a look at the full article within HPM News 94 !

Lorenzo Vargas Orozco ... wird fortgesetzt!



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