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400 Years of Astronomical Telescopes


                         400 Years of Astronomical Telescopes


                                 A Review of History, Science and Technology


                                              29 September - 2 October 2008



                                                   Noordwijk, The Netherlands



  Ill. 5. Jansen and Lipperhey, as depicted in Borels De Vero Telescopii Inventore (1656).


Albert van Helden, Sven Dupré, Rob van Gent & Huib Zuidervaart

The Origins of the Telescope

Amsterdam: KNAW Press, 2010

ISBN 978 90 6984 615 6, 376 pages, € 49,00.





Albert van Helden, Sven Dupr, Rob van Gent, Huib Zuidervaart
The Origins of the Telescope
Proceedings of the conference 'The invention of the Dutch telescope. Its origin and impact on science, culture and society, 1550-1650, held in Middelburg in September 2008

The origins of the telescope have been debated since the instrument's appearance in The Hague in 1608. Civic and national pride led local dignitaries, popular writers and scholars to search the archives and to put forward sharply divergent histories. Did the honour of the invention of the telescope belong to the Dutch, the Italians, the English or the Spanish. And if the city of Middelburg in the Netherlands was indeed the cradle of the instrument, was the "true inventor" Hans Lipperhey or his rival Zacharias Jansen?

Over the past few decades, a group of historians and scientists have discovered new documents, re-examined familiar ones, and tested early lenses and telescopes. This fascinating collection examines the evidence available and proposes a new and convincing account of the origins of the instrument that changed mankind's vision of the universe.






Das Bändchen "Onze Muziek" enthält die Übersetzung des Texts von Diana Kempff "Unsere Musik" in niederländischer Sprache. Der Text wurde von Irene Bokelmann ins Niederländische übersetzt. Das Buch enthält auch den deutschen Text sowie eine Fotokopie der Radierung "Unsere Musik IV" aus der Mappe "Unsere Musik - Skizzen zur Insel der Verbannten" von Reinhold Kriegler. 

Onze Muziek war mein zehntes Buch.


Dear sundial friends,


This is to let you know that the Sundial Society of Flanders (Belgium) has discontinued the publication of "Zonnetijdingen", as it appeared increasingly difficult to gather enough articles.

The Belgian Society contacted the Netherlands' Sundial Society (De Zonnewijzerkring), which has been publishing its "Bulletin" for 40 years already.
The two societies decided to join editorial forces in a new journal, ZON & TIJD (Sun & Time).

The fact that Dutch is the common language of both societies made this an easy choice.

Our Austrian friends may note some similarity with the title of their journal, “Sonne + Zeit”. We hope they take this as a compliment J

You may have a look at the first issue, which has articles by Dutch and Flemish authors. The issue is temporarily available from the English section of the new website of De Zonnewijzerkring, at:

The journal is in Dutch, of course, but features an English summary of the contents in the back on p. 37-38.


Best regards,
Frans Maes (NL) & Eric Daled (BE), editors



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