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Sonnenuhr in Mechelen

                                Sonnenuhr in Mechelen. Foto © Jan Smets


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Les cadrans solaires de Belgique

    Notre collègue Bernard Baudoux de Belgique, vient de publier un livre de 186 pages, illustré de 300 photos. L'ouvrage présente 10 cadrans par province plus ceux de la ville de Bruxelles ainsi que ceux des sites remarquables tel le parc de Genk.

Le livre est imprimé en "auto-édition". Il est en vente directement auprès de B. Baudoux  bernard.baudoux@euphonynet.be au prix de 38euros + 9 de frais d'envoi* soit 47 EUROS pour l'Europe. Contacter Bernard pour les autres pays.Le paiement doit se faire uniquement par virement bancaire (les chèques n'ont plus de valeur en Belgique depuis plusieurs années) : Compte IBAN: BE21 2100 7706 1603, BIC : GEBABEBB.

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André Depuydt (treasurer), André Reekmans, Eric Daled (secretary), Jan De Graeve (chairman), Patric Oyen, Willy Leenders, Willy Ory (webmaster) and Jos Pauwels.

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Eric Daled

Secretary of the Zonnewijzerkring Vlaanderen vzw

(Sundial Society of Flanders, Belgium)



Un cadran solaire à gnomon ambulant

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This is a digital copy of the March 2016 issue of our quarterly information bulletin « Zonnetijdingen ».

The full contents list can be seen on our website at http://www.zonnewijzerkringvlaanderen.be/data/index/EN/38

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Eric Daled

Secretary of the Zonnewijzerkring Vlaanderen vzw

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I am very grateful to Eric Daled for having given additional information about the Gnomonical Societies of Belgium to me!

Some additionnal information about the sundial websites in our country:

- sundials in Belgium:

  www.gnomonica.be (N.B.: Gnomonica is a French speaking study group of which I am also a member; they don’t have a bulletin)

- sundials in Flanders:

  www.zonnewijzerkringvlaanderen.be (= the website of our Dutch speaking society, publishing the “Zonnetijdingen”)

  www.astrolemma.be (= the website of Patric Oyen, a member of the board of our Dutch speaking society)

- sundials in Limburg (province of Flanders):

  www.wijzerweb.be (= the website of Willy Leenders, also a member of the board of our Dutch speaking society)


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We are pleased to let you know that, from now on, all of the 85 issues of our information bulletin “Zonnetijdingen” (from 1995 to 2017) can be consulted on our website.

You will find them in the section “Publications” via the link “Consult here all the issues of the bulletin Zonnetijdingen”, in short :


For your convenience, they are ranked by number, with the year of publication in parentheses, and they can be found in the same way in the 4 language versions of our website.


Zonnewijzerkring Vlaanderen vzw

Eric Daled



Dear sundial friends,


This is to let you know that the Sundial Society of Flanders (Belgium) has discontinued the publication of "Zonnetijdingen", as it appeared increasingly difficult to gather enough articles.

However, the Belgian Society contacted the Sundial Society of the Netherlands which has been publishing its "Bulletin" for 40 years already.
The two societies decided to join editorial forces in a new journal, ZON & TIJD (Sun & Time).

The fact that Dutch is the common language of both societies made this an easy choice.

Our Austrian friends may note some similarity with the title of their journal, “Sonne + Zeit”. We hope they take this as a compliment J

You may have a look at the first issue, which has articles by Dutch as well as Flemish authors. The issue is temporarily available from the English section of the new website of De Zonnewijzerkring at:


The journal is in Dutch, of course, but features an English summary of the contents on p. 37-38.

Best regards,

Frans Maes (NL) & Eric Daled (B), editors



Eine belgische Hochzeits-Sonnenuhr


aus Moskau

Ich freue mich sehr, hier die sehr ungewöhnliche Geschichte einer neuen belgischen Sonnenuhr erzählen zu dürfen!

Aleksandr W Boldyrev aus Moskau hat sie für ein US-amerikanisch - belgisches Hochzeitspaar geschaffen. Die Sendung des 165 kg schweren Guts von Rußland nach Belgien erwies sich als richtige Odyssee – nichts für schwache Nerven…

Aleksandr W Boldyrev
wrote this:

”Before delivering the whole set to Belgium I showed it at the 12-th International Watch Exhibition in the centre of Moscow. Every participant of the exhibition has written a few words of greetings to newly marring pair…

It was a very difficult job to get the Ministry of Culture permission and to go through the customs formalities.”

But these were not the only difficulties to get this sundial save from Russia to Belgium! … RK

Und hier ist nun das Prachtstück!

Installation locality: 50° 41´ 44´´N; 5° 47´ 32´´ E.
Installation address: 448 Longbroux  Charneux 4654 Belgium.
Emily birth locality: California, US: 37°51´22´´ N; 122° 15´26´´ W.
Time of wedding: 13:30.
Day of wedding: August 6.

Don’t miss to have a closer look at this link:


Text taken from the homepage of Alexandr W Boldyrev:

“The instrument is a wedding gift to Emily (Berkeley, Ca) and Rene (Belgium). They have met each other in their childhood in a scout’s camp. In August, 2010 they have got married and have taken up a new home in a small farm in the east part of Belgium. The farm name is "Carpe diem".

The sundial is installed in the farm and counts years and hours of happy life. The device has 4 scales measuring true and mean time on the meridian of Carpe diem farm and on the meridian of Berkeley - the Emily’s homeland. 11 time zones isn't an obstacle for love. The world is one under the sun.”

© Alexandr W Boldyrev

Dank eines belgischen Fernrohrs gelangen Simon

bedeutsame Forschungsergebnisse!


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